pvanalytics.quality.gaps.complete(series, minimum_completeness=0.333, freq=None)#

Select data points that are part of days with complete data.

A day has complete data if its completeness score is greater than or equal to minimum_completeness. The completeness score is calculated by completeness_score().

  • series (Series) – The data to be checked for completeness.

  • minimum_completeness (float, default 0.333) – Fraction of the day that must have data.

  • freq (str, default None) – The expected frequency of the data in series. If none then the frequency is inferred from the data.


A series of booleans with True for each value that is part of a day with completeness greater than minimum_completeness.

Return type



ValueError – See completeness_score().

Examples using pvanalytics.quality.gaps.complete#

Missing Data Periods

Missing Data Periods