pvanalytics.quality.irradiance.check_irradiance_consistency_qcrad(solar_zenith, ghi, dhi, dni, param=None)#

Check consistency of GHI, DHI and DNI using QCRad criteria.

Uses criteria given in 1 to validate the ratio of irradiance components.


Not valid for night time. While you can pass data from night time to this function, be aware that the truth values returned for that data will not be valid.

  • solar_zenith (Series) – Solar zenith angle in degrees

  • ghi (Series) – Global horizontal irradiance in \(W/m^2\)

  • dhi (Series) – Diffuse horizontal irradiance in \(W/m^2\)

  • dni (Series) – Direct normal irradiance in \(W/m^2\)

  • param (dict) – keys are ‘ghi_ratio’ and ‘dhi_ratio’. For each key, value is a dict with keys ‘high_zenith’ and ‘low_zenith’; for each of these keys, value is a dict with keys ‘zenith_bounds’, ‘ghi_bounds’, and ‘ratio_bounds’ and value is an ordered pair [lower, upper] of float.


  • consistent_components (Series) – True where ghi, dhi and dni components are consistent.

  • diffuse_ratio_limit (Series) – True where diffuse to GHI ratio passes limit test.


Copyright (c) 2019 SolarArbiter. See the file LICENSES/SOLARFORECASTARBITER_LICENSE at the top level directory of this distribution and at https://github.com/pvlib/pvanalytics/blob/master/LICENSES/SOLARFORECASTARBITER_LICENSE for more information.



C. N. Long and Y. Shi, An Automated Quality Assessment and Control Algorithm for Surface Radiation Measurements, The Open Atmospheric Science Journal 2, pp. 23-37, 2008.

Examples using pvanalytics.quality.irradiance.check_irradiance_consistency_qcrad#

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