pvanalytics.features.clipping.levels(ac_power, window=4, fraction_in_window=0.75, rtol=0.005, levels=2)#

Label clipping in AC power data based on levels in the data.

  • ac_power (Series) – Time series of AC power measurements.

  • window (int, default 4) – Number of data points in a window used to detect clipping.

  • fraction_in_window (float, default 0.75) – Fraction of points which indicate clipping if AC power at each point is close to the plateau level.

  • rtol (float, default 5e-3) – A point is close to a clipped level M if abs(ac_power - M) < rtol * max(ac_power)

  • levels (int, default 2) – Number of clipped power levels to consider.


True when clipping is indicated.

Return type



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