pvanalytics.quality.irradiance.clearsky_limits(measured, clearsky, csi_max=1.1)#

Identify irradiance values which do not exceed clearsky values.

Uses pvlib.irradiance.clearsky_index() to compute the clearsky index as the ratio of measured to clearsky. Compares the clearsky index to csi_max to identify values in measured that are less than or equal to csi_max.

  • measured (Series) – Measured irradiance in \(W/m^2\).

  • clearsky (Series) – Expected clearsky irradiance in \(W/m^2\).

  • csi_max (float, default 1.1) – Maximum ratio of measured to clearsky (clearsky index).


True for each value where the clearsky index is less than or equal to csi_max.

Return type



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Examples using pvanalytics.quality.irradiance.clearsky_limits#

Clearsky Limits for Irradiance Data

Clearsky Limits for Irradiance Data