pvanalytics.metrics.performance_ratio_nrel(poa_global, temp_air, wind_speed, pac, pdc0, a=- 3.56, b=- 0.075, deltaT=3, gamma_pdc=- 0.00433)#

Calculate NREL Performance Ratio.

See equation [5] in Weather-Corrected Performance Ratio 1 for details on the weighted method for Tref.

  • poa_global (numeric) – Total incident irradiance [W/m^2].

  • temp_air (numeric) – Ambient dry bulb temperature [C].

  • wind_speed (numeric) – Wind speed at a height of 10 meters [m/s].

  • pac (numeric) – AC power [kW].

  • pdc0 (float) – Power of the modules at 1000 W/m2 and cell reference temperature, otherwise referred to as the PV array STC nameplate rating [kW].

  • a (float) – Parameter \(a\) in SAPM model [unitless].

  • b (float) – Parameter \(b\) in in SAPM model [s/m].

  • deltaT (float) – Parameter \(\Delta T\) in SAPM model [C].

  • gamma_pdc (float) – The temperature coefficient in units of 1/C. Typically -0.002 to -0.005 per degree C [1/C].


performance_ratio – Performance Ratio of data.

Return type




Dierauf et al. “Weather-Corrected Performance Ratio”. NREL, 2013. https://www.nrel.gov/docs/fy13osti/57991.pdf

Examples using pvanalytics.metrics.performance_ratio_nrel#

Calculate Performance Ratio (NREL)

Calculate Performance Ratio (NREL)